read too many folders.

Hello All.
ı want to use , topic extractor but ı have 20 folders .
how can ı read 20 folders together.
Which reader should I use?
help please

If you can combine your 20 folders under one, say Folder_Container, you can read all the documents with Tika Parser with option “Search recursively”.


Hi @akbas and welcome to the forum.

What @izaychik63 has suggested here is a good start for reading in your text, but chances are there are many other subtasks you will need to do, involving pre-processing and enriching your data, before you begin topic extraction.

You might want to take a look at this recently released series of text processing videos on our Youtube channel that discusses how to approach these subtasks in KNIME. There’s a specific LDA video too. :slight_smile:


could you use list files / folders as well? Was my first thought (have not used the tika parser that often until now) Thanks

Thanks for everythınk

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