Read txt file with more than one consecutive tab delimiter

I am trying to read a file that is delimited by tabs (\t); however, in some lines, this separator appears consecutively, causing the file to lose its consistent structure. How can I read the file so that it treats two or more consecutive tabs as a single one?
I am attaching a sample TXT file.
Example.txt (55 Bytes)

This is pretty crude but works. There are undoubtedly more elegant approaches. You can adjust if you have more than 4 tabs as delimiters.

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Read file as is in 1 cell per row and do a replace with regex \t{1,10} by certain token and then split by this token
edit: (I think @rfeigel already came up with sth similar including the workflow)
Hope that works for you


How do you read the file as 1 cell per row?

@Daniel_Weikert’s regex is much simpler than mine. I updated the hub link with a branch using his approach.

@rfeigel where is the branch link? I can’t find it.

Sorry. I changed the workflow and must have forgot to upload. Its there now.

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