Reading Big XLSX FILE

Dear all,

I m trying the whole day to read a file of 30 millions of rows. it’s not possible to load it in a KNIME XLS Reader Node.
The file is 177MB. Is there a solution to split it and load it via a loop ?

Can someone help me it’s urgent!
Thanks in advance

That sounds odd. Excel max number of rows ~1000000. So, you may have a corrupted file.
If possible use CSV for data load or some DB source.

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to solve it I use pivot to get the years in columns but this is not my problem.
the file isnt corrupted and have actually over 1Mio but with 30 years it would be more than 30 milions

To be clear Excel can use a data source with more than 1M rows to produce a pivot but it cannot present more than 1M rows in plain report and cannot be a loading container for more than 1M rows.

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