Reading Binary Data Fields from Databases leads to Duplicate Key Exception

When I’m trying to read Binary Data Fields (Varbinary or BLOB) from our MySQL and MSSQL Databases I get the following error:

ERROR DB Query Reader 2:37 Exception reading data row: Duplicate key detected: “binaryObject-0”
ERROR DB Query Reader 2:37 Execute failed: Duplicate key detected: “binaryObject-0”

Does anyone else have the same problem?

Hello stofffetzen,
I tried to reproduce the problem with our MS SQL and MySQL database but could write and read several binary objects to and from the databases. Could you give us more details about the setup e.g. which KNIME version you are using what the DB table structure is (no of columns and types) or even provide an example workflow that can reproduce the problem. In addition could you send us the KNIME log with the complete error message.
Thanks and sorry for the late reply

Hello stofffetzen,
I was now able to reproduce the problem which occurred when I read multiple blob columns in parallel. This needs to be fixed in the code of the new database framework. Until then you can either read the blob columns one at a time or use the legacy database framework e.g. the Database Reader (legacy) node.

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