Reading csv attachment directly from email

Hi all,

I am new to KNIME and hope someone can help me with my question. I am hoping to set up a workflow that allows me to read a csv file attached in an email that is sent directly to my inbox daily. I have set up a macro in my outlook that saves  the csv attachment to a network shared drive, and KNIME reads from that network path. However there is a limitation with this method as it would mean that my computer has to be up and running 24/7 if we would like to have this report/workflow runs daily without any human intervention. Is there any nodes or set ups i can use to reads from an email attachment directly? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Hi Ankey,

That could be a tricky one. No node springs to mind. Do you plan to schedule the workflow to run on KNIME Server?

In that case you could consider using the Java Snippet node to connect to your mailbox, something like in this example:

But that would be a fairly major undertaking.



Hi Ankey,

Instead of using the rule in Outlook, find out if/how you can connect to Outlook web access - there you can deploy sorting rules directly on the Exchange server. :-)


Has anyone tried to connect to Outlook web access using KNIME? I would like to pick up Calendar events, say within a date range, and would really appreciate an example.





An Outlook admin once ran a script for me, but I was on very good speaking terms with him and had all good reasons, as well as right to access. :-) Never tried OWA myself, sadly.