Reading CSV from WebService

Hi everyone.

I have a webservice transforming data into a csv file. Now I want to call it in KNIME and process the resulting csv file. I tried the CSV Reader but always got the error “Execute failed: The specified file /XMLConverterServer/csvfile does not exist.”
Now I tried the GET Request and got my data in the body-column. Unfortunately I don’t know how to make them a table … :frowning:

Happy for any guidance on this topic. Thank you in advance!

Hi @marryah

Can you be more specific about the contents of the body? Preferable with a (anonymized) example. The structure will determine what you can do with it and someone will be more easily be able to help you out :wink:

Most commonly you need either JSON Path or Xpath nodes.

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Hi @ArjenEX, thanks for the reply.

The body is a normal CSV file. The single cells are seperated by a semi colon [;]. The body in a non-formatted way looks like this:

If I transform it into a string, it looks like this (sorry it it is small):

So basically: I read a CSV File from a server, but as it is created on the fly, it does not work for the CSV Reader node.

if it is a csv file then try the csv reader node directly with the url
(custom/knime url)

Hi Daniel_Weikert, I tried that, but KNIME said “Execute failed: The specified file /XMLConverterServer/csvfile does not exist.” /XMLConverterServer/csvfile is the path on the server to get the csv file as a stream.

I currently solve this problem by storing the stream into a temporary file and then read that. I just hoped that there is another solution…

Apologies, the solution only works with a path to the csv

Hi Daniel_Weikert, no problem and thanks for the help. Probably my problem is a little specific.

I think I will go with my workaround.

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