Reading Csv - Want to change type of column

Why dont have how change column type when read a csv?

I think that is very important when ppl try to read a csv. When a csv have header, why not we inform a specific column to have a our desire type?

My problem: I am reading a lot of csv, but have a colunm that have a ID like “01234”, the reader use this column as Int/Long and I lost the initial “0”, but to me this is a very important information to lose.
(example: if ID starts with “00”, I lost information)


If you use the File Reader node, you’ll be able to dictate the column types.


But File Reader have a lot of things missing, like read files in folder.
My opinion is, why not have a way that us can force to use string in a colunm that we want? This is very important and basic.

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Hello @pjosepetti,

just heard on KNIME webinar that this feature is on road map.



That is a great news. Knime is a fantastic tool, but this detail, in my opinion, is very critical and important.

Thx Ivan.


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