Reading CSVs beyond a login?

(This is similar to my post about HTTPS Connections but a bit more specific)

I have a url that will result in a CSV being sent.  But before it will release it I need to login to the site.  What's the best way to approach this?

I notice the IO -> File Handling -> Remote nodes have some connection nodes and a file download node.  Although I also know that the CSV Reader node can work with a url!  I'd rather not have to download the file then read it with csv if I could just read it throught the CSV reader normally?

Most web server support the following syntax:


You can use such URLs directly in all reader nodes. The password is stored in plain text as part of the location, though.

Doesn't work.  I'm testing this url directly in my browser and instead of throwing a CSV at me it just goes to the login page.

I should also mention that to login you need to use

but once in you use the url changes between the two

Looks like Salesforce is using form-based login with cookies which is not standardized and therefore not supported in KNIME.

Cookie support would be a great feature :)

It's not only cookie support, login forms usually do not follow any standard so the node has no way of knowing what information to send to the server during authentication.