Reading cvs properly

Hello All,

this topic has been discussed here a lot of times, I know. But the usual solutions are not working in my case (might be that everybody pretends that). Here's my story:

I want to read a lot of csv files. There is a common set of columns, but some columns are file-specific. I use two loops to iterate over the files.

  • The first loop just reads the header line of the csv files and converts them to an empty table containing these headers. I will explain that in the next paragraph.
  • The second loop iterates over the files and reads the complete csv files. At the end of this loop I have to merge the various columns of all files. The Loop End node expects all data tables to have the same columns, so I concatenate the output of the first loop to add additional (empty) columns.

I have a problem reading the data in the second loop. This is what I tried:

  • The CSV Reader does adjust to the unknown number of columns in the file. But it doesn't work properly, because my rows include string cells with line breaks.
  • The File Reader node can handle the line breaks, but I did not find a way to adjust it to the varying number of columns. (There is no maximum number of columns specified.)
  • The Line Reader node can read anything, but the Cell Splitter node doesn't consider the line breaks of the string cells and treats every row seperately.

I noticed that the number of columns of the File Reader node can be controlled by a variable. But this doesn't suffice, because the node complains about missing column configuration data. Also the line number which determines the column count can be controlled by a variable, but I didn't get that to work.

I really appreciate any hints. Thank you very much in advance.

Best Regards,

Is there really no node to read cvs files properly?

Well, the File Reader can but as you already discovered, it always uses the same column configuration (which is intentional).

That the CSV Reader cannot read cells with line breaks is not intentional, though. I have opened a bug report.