Reading in OLAP Databases



I have read some of the SQL database threads and they don't seem to answer my question of how to read in an OLAP server database.


If it helps I have connected to the cube in Excel via the Analysis Server route within Data -> Connections. However Excel is less than ideal in handling the amount of data I need to use.


I've never previously used or connected to databases with KNIME so don't have a good knowledge of terminology or what it entails. However when trying to connect to the OLAP cube following the SQL routes I haven't had any success.


Thanks in advance,


Hi J, 

Have you seen the public example server?

We have a few example workflows that demonstrate the process of connecting to a database.  The high-level overview is that you need to find a JDBC driver for your database system, add it to your KNIME installation (Preferences > KNIME > Database > New...) and finally use the database nodes to read/connect/write/update etc. as needed.  Have a look and let us know how it goes.