Reading in parameters from configuration file

Hello together,

I have an Excel-file with costs based on annual quarters.

Unfortunately I have only the information about the quarter, but not the according year.

The information about the regarding year is only known by the creator of this Excel-file.

My idea is, to configure the year outside of KNIME within a JSON, XML etc. and read this information into KNIME afterwards.

Can you please share some further possibilities or best practices for this scenario.

Thank you and best regards,


Hey @Schmali93,

If i’m understanding the question correctly, then you could just read in the JSON of XML files with the JSON and XML Reader Nodes, convert to a table, and then join the data.

Let me know if that helps.


Is it normal to first convert xml to json and then to table or is there another way? Have not used XML in KNIME so far. Thank you

Hey @Daniel_Weikert,

When you use the XML Reader you have the option to specify an XPATH Query or filter. When you use this each matching node in the xml will be read as a single data cell in KNIME and outputted as a table for your manipulation needs.



Thanks for your update wkhan, higly appreciated!
best regards


Hey @wkhan,

thank you for your feedback.

I’ve solved it like you mentioned with the JSON Reader Node, converted to a table and then joined the data.

Thank you again and best regards,



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