Reading JSON from URL with trailing Slash

I am trying to load a json from an URL using JSON reader. The problem is that the target system (build on django) uses trailing slash and the extension seems to identify this as a “folder”:

"/api/…/ is a folder. Please specify a file.

How can I load data into knime if the source url is a file but ends in a slash?

Hi @mwyser and welcome to the KNIME community,

Could you please elaborate a bit?
From which source do you get the URL to access the JSON?
Would it be possible to change the URL to use these within the JSON Reader node?
Would you be able to connect to the File System first to activate and use the File Connection port of the JSON Reader node?


Hello @MichaelRespondek, pleased to be here.

The URL is form one of my own system. It is a djangoCMS application (feed) which by design ends all URLs in / and if I do not provide a /, it will automatically redirect to the / version. And no, I can not change this behaviour. Even trying to retrieve the data without the / will simply return an empty response. It is a system-wide behaviour.

ofc I can use curl, store the file in the local filesystem and then use the local file as source. But that is inconvenient and needs another step.

Does this make sense?


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