reading many files from folders

ı have many txt files in the folders.
ı want to import these txt files into Knime (3.5.3 version) at one time.

I do not know how to create loop.
is there anyone who can help me?

Do you want to read the text files to a table, one row per line of text, or to read each file into the table into a single cell?


to a table, one row per line of text

OK, Use List Files to pull get a list of all the files, follow by a Table Row to Variable Loop Start, and connect the flow variable output to the ‘hidden’ flow variable input port of a File Reader node. Now, use the flow variable button to select the ‘URL’ variable (you will need to execute the loop start node to be able to do this). Now your File Reader should read a file - either just follow it with a Loop End, or do whatever processing on a file-by-file basis before some sort of loop end



that worked.
thank you very much


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