Reading most recent file in SharePoint directory

Is there an easy way to read the most recently uploaded file from a SharePoint directory? I have successfully connected to our sharepoint and am in the correct folder, but I’m not sure the best way to read the most recently modified Excel file. The best way I can figure is the following:

While this works, it would be great to save some space by having maybe a more robust filter options?

Are there any other, better solutions? Is it possible with Regex to sort a file list?

Hi @Snowy,

Take a look at this post:


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That doesn’t appear to work with Path data types…

I have not worked with SharePoint nodes and have not used the List Files/Folders (Labs) node yet. But I think there should be a string path in the node’s output which you can convert to URI and then the File Meta Info node can use it.


Hello @Snowy,

agree with you that it would be real nice to have these kind of filter options both in reader nodes and List Files/Folder node. Have created ticket (internal reference: AP-15092) for it.

To use File Meta Info first use String Manipulation to convert path type to string (as you already did) and then use String to URI. But if your workaround is working fine I would just stick with it :wink:



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