Reading multiple files in a folder but only a specific sheet


I have to read multiple files in a folder but I only need to read a specific sheet.
All my files have a sheet named “DB_FINAL”.

I don’t know the node I have to use to specify this sheet.

Hi @danielkataoka and welcome to the forum -

If you’re reading Excel spreadsheets, you can just use the Excel Reader (XLS) node with settings like this:

In this example, the node then reads in the specified sheet from each Excel file it finds in a given directory, and concatenates them all together into a single table.


Hi @ScottF.

Thanks for your help, that’s exactly what I need.
I’m learning how to use knime, a friend told me to use loop in this case but it’s simpler than he thought.

Not too long ago, a loop would have been necessary here, but we made some recent updates to the Excel Reader node to make things a little smoother. :slight_smile:

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