Reading multiplte Excel Files with different Table formats at once

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lately I’m working on a workflow for a client that generates one excel table and needs two input excels. From those two excels I need for calculational reasons two sheets of each of them, because some formulas are referring from one sheet to another. My current solution is to upload each file and select each sheet. This means i have to run the excel reader four times. Is it possible to generate a loop, which would run those 4 different Excel Readers?

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Hi @MarianDu,

not quite sure what the problem is.
Do you have an example or screenshot how your workflow looks?

Is a simple loop over the Excel Reader not the solution? :thinking:
E. g. with the table row to variable

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Hello @MarianDu,

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Yes, there is a way to read multiple files and/or Excel sheets using loop. Here is an example from KNIME Hub how to do it:

But loop is used when you are concatenating data from multiple files (which have same/similar structure) or data after processing. In your case you need each of your sheets as separate KNIME tables so having 4 readers seems the best option.


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