Reading old Knime tables in KNIME 4.0

Hi all,

Should we be able to read older KNIME tables (that were created in KNIME 3.7.2 ) in the new KNIME version 4.0.2?

I’m trying to run a few old workflows in Knime 4.0.2 but i’m getting an error on the Table Reader node stating “Unable to read spec from file”. I remember reading somewhere that new versions of KNIME are always backwards compatible so does anyone have any idea of how these old knime tables can be read in the new KNIME 4.0…?



Let me quickly reply here as i’ve found the solution:

The new KNIME Analytics required some additional extentions to be installed to read the table correctly.

In my case this was some Chemoinformatics extentions as the table contained molecular structures in SDF format.

In any case i would reccomend going to File->Install KNIME Extensions and installing anything you need before starting to work with your new KNIME version,




Hi @michazeidan -

Thanks for posting your solution!

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