Reading png files with image reader fails


I need to read a few hundred png-format images so that I can transfer them to a mySQL database through Knime.

When I now use the List Files node, followed by the Image Reader node, I get the follwoing error message:

ERROR Read Images          0:37       Execute failed: Failed to read image content from row 'Row0', url='file:/C:/tmp/images/A01102.png': no applicable image type; you may want to reconfigure the node to also accept type(s): [SVG]

The List Files node reads the URLs without a problem. The images are perfectly visible so nothing appears to wrong with the format. Why can the Image Reader not handle the files? This is with Knime 2.12.2.

Grateful for any tips!

Running 3.1.1 here, and the problem doesnt occur here.

Works fine with Knime 3.7.1. I suggest you upgrade.



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