Reading settings from existing node


I developed a new node and I'd like to read the settings from another existing node.

My special problem is:
Reading from "Auto-Binner node" the "fixed number of bins", e.g. 10 to use this number/integer in my own node.

What have I to do to get this information? Where is the information/setting saved?

Thanks for help. :)

You cannot directly exchange information between different nodes (except loop start and end nodes). However, you can create flow variables for certain settings in a node's dialog (tab "Flow Variables", enter a name for the variable in the text field next to the setting) and then use the variable in the next nodes dialog (using the same tab but selecting the variable in the dropdown box).

And how can I access these variables in my code?

There are some methods in the abstract NodeModel class such as peekFlowVariableDouble or getAvailableFlowVariables.