Reading the .csv/text file which is in RDC server

Hi Team,

I wanna design the workflow which reads the .csv/text file which is placed in the RDC server. Please suggest me how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

I am using SSH connector node to connect to the server. is this the right node to use?
Please suggest me if any other nodes are available


Hi @Subramanyam,

I switched the category for this request from KNIME Server to Analytics Platform as it doesn’t seem to address a KNIME Server (our commercial product for scheduling workflows and collaboration) topic.

On the node recommendation topic itself:
KNIME offers many different connectors for all types of file accesses. You have to check how you can access the target files and use the corresponding connector or reader node for it.

Using our community hub might help you in finding the right nodes:


Hi Michael,

Thanks for changing the category.

Hi Team,

I have tried SSH connector and provided the Server IP Address in Host option and given the server credentials and path of the logs in the directory path for connecting to the windows server from my VDI.

I have received the below error while executing the node.

Please help me to resolve the error.

Thanks in advance,
Subramanyam Kinthada

Hi Team,

Its a bit critical for me. Could someone help me in connecting to the server and access the files in it.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

HI @Subramanyam ,

Did you add a file port into the file reader node? click at the 3 points and add a file port.Connect the SSH connector node into it.

See if you can set more time to read files/connect, because the message returns “timeout”, maybe can exists a firewall/proxy/vpn system that blocked you too.



Hi @denisfi

I have increased the time but still it is not working as expected. Please provide me any reference worfklow.

Hi @Subramanyam , you tried just the ssh connector alone first, dind’t you?

I know that you have some private and sensive information there, can you tray changing the password, path or outside the knime to garantee that the problem wasn’t with knime at all? with any sftp program like winscp, filezilla anything else, justo to check the connection?



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