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Is there any new information? For example, PowerBi has the Direct Query option, which allows reading data from the database and keeping it updated.
If there is not any new info, please, +1 to the feature request.

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Hello @jorgemartcaam ,

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Unfortunately I can not provide you with good news, there was not any improvement regarding to this feature request. Here is the internal reference [AP-17198] for the better follow up. In our changelog with this reference number it is easily possible the status of this enhancement, it is implemented or not in the future releases.
Also, I have added your +1 to the request.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Great idea to think of using KNIME in control technology.
I fully understand your requirement of using real time data for that purpose.

From nearly all application I was dealing with I learned that normally for real time critical purposes PLCs or even dedicated hardware are used.
The use of PC based systems is considered if the real time can be defined in periods of much more than milliseconds (seconds or minutes).

In order to start development of such a great tool now I would consider a workaround.
In a first step I would analyse what reaction time is required in your application use case.
If you come up with longer cycles you may think of running KNIME in a loop (with defined cycle duration).
Of course the duration of the loop (data reading, preprocesing, calculation and writing back the answer) must be significantly shorter that the looping cycle duration.
Helpfull nodes for such a solution may be Timing Nodes Timing Nodes | KNIME or the TimeDelay Loop Start – KNIME Hub

That workflow needs to be hardened to ensure the reliability you need. That may include supervision of the workflow, the system it’s running on, the data communication chain.

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