I have been looking on the forum but still did not get clear info I want - is there a way to use KNIME as real time workflow analysis tool (like near real time network analysis tool)? Lets say there will be 1 node that checks ever 1 ms for something and then it gets value (from logs lets say) - executes sub workflows then when they are being executed it comes back to checking for the changes in the logs and again puts changes down the stream… It would require subworkflows to be executed in some kind of separate thread so every new subworkflow would be able to do its job…

I work with KNIME for a while and just had this idea to have some kind of workflow that would behave in a way like a threat analysis and discovery engine. Can something like this be abstracted using KNIME or its better to use scripts / daemons etc. Maybe KNIME team is working on something similar?

I had a vision of multiple “ENTRY” nodes that would feed data down the stream, and then this subworkflows down the stream would crunch, analyse and update databases with discovered logic - something like this… Maybe even some kind of frontend for that - its just the idea I had…

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Hi @zebov,

workflows executing other workflows is already possible with Call Workflow node. So you could have one masterworkflow which checks the data and based on conditions executes subworkflows.

With KNIME Server, execution of this workflow can be triggered on a schedule or event based via REST call.

Would this be an option for you?


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