Really Simple Looping Question

Hi - i'm very new to Knime and cannot find any documentation on loops. It may exist and answer my question so please feel free to point me in the direction. My problem is:

I have an array coming out of a node which is an array of Strings and i want to process each string in turn using a custom java component. I can do all of this just fine using a "Counting Loop Start" and set the number to say 10 rows. This gives me a currentIteration counter I can use to access the next element of the array.

The trouble is, the number of rows will vary, depending on the input, different text input will get split into different number of rows. But the "Counting Loop Start" cannot take a variable/value from the input data. I have tried all of the different loop controls but cannot find the magic to make this work. 

Its a really simple use case - i just want to make a loop where the number of iterations is set according to a value i calculate earlier in the workflow but it seems really difficult to achieve. So, is there anyone who can tell me how to create a loop where one sets a variable to the number of iterations prior to the loop?

Any advice is much,much appreciated

Unfortunately the document on loops is very poor, so this will explain why you cannot find any.
If I understand correctly, all you need to use is a chunk loop start node. This loops over the table x rows at a time, so simply set the configuration to 1, so that each row in turn is looped.


thanks simon, that was exactly it. Many thanks for taking the time to answer