Rebuilding the existing Generic JavaScript Node from the source

Greetings All,

Last few days I was trying to rebuild the existing generic javascript node from the given source jar file (source can be found in org.knime.js.views.labs.source_3.5.3.v201804031047.jar).
But still I am struggling with building the node and view through the KNIME instance.I am getting following errors while I am trying to run the project.

ERROR Worker-1 RepositoryManager Node com.testnode.jsnode.JSNodeFactory’ from plugin ‘com.testnode.jsnode’ could not be created: Can’t load factory class for node: com.testnode.jsnode.JSNodeFactory

ERROR main CategorySorter CODING PROBLEM After-ID ‘toolintegration’ of [Id: labs Name: KNIME Labs After-id: toolintegration] does not exist - in plug-in org.knime.base

I would be much greateful and appreciate if some one give me instructions to make this workable node.
Sample project is attached from here.
Thank (2.6 MB)