Receive error that there is no to report node, yet there are many


I have imported a project made in 2.9 into 2.10. there are perhaps 8 "to Report" data and graphic nodes. When I click on the "open report tool" button, I get an error stating, "no 'to report' nodes found in workflow."

I've already deleted and then re-added the to report node for data and did not overcome the error. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Well that doesn't look right.  We have been using KNIME 2.9 workflows heavily prior to release, and haven't seen this issue before.  Is there anyway you could upload a simplified example demostrating the problem?

I would start by doing a "Save as..." to backup your workflow, then take your original, delete all but one Data to Report node and then hook up a data generator or R Source node to it to see if the problem is reproducible.  If it is, if you can post it here or send it to us privately, we can have a look. 

Sorry for the trouble!



Thanks Aaron. The workflow table and data are attached.

Ok, the problem seems to be that the workflow is looking in the metanode's folder, and not the one for the workflow.  I believe if you expand the metanode it will work.  This is likely a bug, I will look into it further.  

Thanks for the example workflow, it saved a lot of time!



Thank you Aaron. I'm glad the example helped out. I'll try the workaround--if I don't come back with further errors, please assume it worked out OK.




Hi Ben,

I seem to face a same problem. I have a "to Report" node inside of meta node and when I click report buton it shows error. Did you find any workaround this  ? as I dont want to expand my metanodes because my workflow is very big and im generating 15-20 reports the same way.




Dear Mohammed,


I am sorry, but to Report nodes are only visible to the reporting framework if they are on the topmost workflow level. Hence they can not be included in meta nodes.

Best, Iris

Thanks ! Got it working by doing this creating Output port on the "Reconfigure" of metanode and connecting to "Data to Report" node outside of the meta node




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