Record Loop Value

Hi, is there any way I can record value of math formula into new table?
So the value would be in a loop of result 1,3,7,4 for instance and I want the output to also reflect the result in row corresponding of 1,3,7,4 as well.


Hi there!

Not sure I understand. Can you try explaining it a bit more?


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Hi @ipazin

Thanks for responding!
For example in workflow below, I have input data with different count in each cluster and I have math formula nodes that will result in new number K in each loop. I want to have a table record of result of K in each loop math formula results.
Is there any way to do that?

KNIME_Test_Loop.knwf (10.2 KB)

I’m probably not understanding your question correctly, but maybe all you need is a GroupBy after the loop is complete?

The GroupBy groups on cluster, and returns (using First aggregation) the value of New K for that cluster. In your example workflow, these values are identical, but presumably they wouldn’t be in practice?


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Hi @ScottF

This is exactly what I meant. Sorry for not being clear :slight_smile:


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