Recurring string help

Hi everyone,

I have a table below with the dates and names of people who made purchases during the month. What I want is to determine how many people from Jan, also made purchases in Feb, and of those who made purchases in Jan and Feb, how many of them also made a purchase in Mar.

It seems like there should be a simple way to do this but I can't seem to figure it out. The expected result is also shown below. The first row will be the number of users who made purchases in that month. The next row will be the number of users who purchased again in the next month etc.

Hope someone will be able to help with this. Thank you!


Input table:

Month Name




Jan James
Feb Daniel
Feb John
Feb Mary
Feb Smith
Mar John
Mar Max
Mar Paul
Apr John
Apr Mary
Apr James
Apr Daniel
Apr Smith
Apr Paul


Expected output:

Time Jan Feb Mar Apr
M 3 4 3 6
M+1 2 1 2  
M+2 1 1    
M+3 1      


I would say, you need one more table with with Year and Month columns. You need to make left join of this table to your one on Year/Month and then pivot result table.

Hi izaychik,

Pivoting the table only got me the first row (M). What can I do to get the subsequent rows? They are dependent on the values in the previous row.

Thanks for your help!

You need to use all 3 configuration tabs.

In Groups it should be Year/Month from table you do not have,

in Pivot - Mont from your original table,

in Manual Aggregation - Name with function Count (choose from dropdown).