Recursive Loop Problem

Hi @Iris ,
Is there a fix for this as of yet? I am stuck with this issue now. “Recursive Loop End 0:318:32 Encountered loop-end without compatible head!” Thank you!

Hi @rumanac , I am not sure that your issue has anything to do with this thread.

I think the message that you are getting is that you are using a Loop End (in this case a Recursive Loop End) without any Loop Start.

If you are using a Recursive Loop End, you should have a Recursive Loop Start.

Please share your workflow so we can see what the issue is.

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Hi @bruno29a ,
Thanks for your response. Yeah I was using a recursive loop start along with the recursive loop end. I simplified my loop and ended up getting it working. I was originally using a variable to control the loop end, and loop was failing with that message on the last loop when there would be no more records. Instead of using a variable, I am now using the setup in loop end to continue the loop as long as there is at least one record; otherwise exit the loop, and it is now working without an issue.

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Hi @rumanac

I moved this into a new topic as this does not seem to be related to the other one.

Best, Iris

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