Reducing values from rows below

I need to create a column by subtracting lag of each rows, unable to determine how can this be achieved.


Hello @Pranjal_m ,

I am not able to exactly understand what you need to do, but you should be able to solve your problem by lagging columns using a Lag node (or this one, in case of nagative lag) and a column expressions node for the subtraction.

If you need more specific instructions, attach a small example where you show what you need to do, so I can better help.

Have a nice day,


You can achieve your ‘yellow’ calculated columns with 3 nodes:

  1. Lag Column
  2. Math Formula $Incremental Recovery$:
    ( $Outstanding(-1)$ - $Outstanding$ ) / $Outstanding(-1)$
  3. Moving Aggregation: (Sum Aggregation w. window length == table length)



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