Reference Column Filter

Hi all, I am in trouble with an apparently simple node, "Reference Column Filter".

I have a table-1 with a relevant number of columns, and I would like to obtain a table based on the selection reported on a reference table.

Table-1 has 196 columns, (data are doubles). Reference table has as heather name "fields" and 128 rows (string data) with the names of fields of table-1 to be included.

Unfortunately the node is not working for me, and I have always obtained alternatively, no column or all the columns, according it was checked the include/exclude option.

I am using last Knime version (2.2). Knime console is not reporting any error.

Do you have any suggest? Am I doing something wrong in the procedure? Have anyone else had the same problem?

Thank you in advance for your help and best regards


Hi, Davide,

This node works with two tables with the same fields. So, if you have first table with fields "A", "B", "C", "D", and second table with fields "B", "D", node "Reference Column Filter" return columns "B" and "D" from first table. Other words, this nodes compare filds of the first and second table.

Best regards,


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