Reference row filter recognizing row as integer not double

I have an excel file which,for example, is like this.

rowname1    52.31     72.72      63.23

rowname2    47.15     72.62     12.24

The excel reader shows first column is string(S), and rest is double(D).

However, when I connect it to the reference row filter, it changes the second and third column to integer for no reason. The last column stays as double.

Anyone know why? How can I change this?

By the way, the excel recognize all double columns as double, but when it's transferred to reference row filter, the second and third column changes to integer, leaving out the decimal places.

Anyone know why?

Is it possible that the filtered rows don't have decimal places so that the doubles are shown as integer (still double though)? You can verify the type by looking at the "Spec" tab in the output view or looking at the icon that is shown next the column header, it's a 'D' for double and an 'I' for Integer.

Note also that you can change the renderer to a column using the context menu on the column header.