reference row filter/splitter

I have two tables with 3 string columns each. I am using reference row filter and splitter nodes on them with 97161065, 94566993 rows respectively and want exluded rows. On a fast machine with 16 gigs RAM i am encountering failure of both nodes with out of memory errors no matter what I do. Is there a memory leak somewhere in knime 3.6.2 ?

Not sure if this helps, but you can try to use a Column Filter on the reference table to pick the column that you want to use as a reference, then send the then table through a “do-nothing” Row Filter (select rows by number from 1 to end of table). This step makes a fresh copy of the reference table internally. Now the reference table uses much less memory. Use this on your Reference Row Filter to filter the other table.

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thanks . i will soon try and revert