Reference Values in Node Comments and Annotations

It would be wonderful if we could place variables in the node comments so that they dynamically change based on the node’s state.

So writing “This node has $$ROWCOUNT$$ records” would place “This node has 100 records” in the comment under the node at runtime.

Example variables…

  • $$ROWCOUNT$$ - Default first output
  • $$ROWCOUNT(1)$$ - Count from selected output
  • $$SUM(Fieldname)$$ - Sum total of field x
  • $$MEAN(Fieldname)$$ - Average of field x
  • $$MIN(Fieldname)$$ - Minimum of field x
  • $$MAX(Fieldname)$$ - Maximum of field x
  • $$UNIQUECOUNT(Fieldname)$$ - Unique values of field x
  • $$SOURCE$$
    ** Server Connector source the Hostname
    ** File source the Filename

References could also be applied to annotations, but more information would be needed to access information from a specific node.

E.g., $$NODEID(root:1234)$$.$$ROWCOUNT$$

Having variable references in annotations would be very useful for auditing.

Hello @rrousselot ,

nice idea, we also already thought about this (internal ticket reference NXT-1106), however, we did not come to a conclusion what information would need to be available. You mention aggregates of the output tables (e.g., row count) and values of node settings (e.g., source). I add a +1 to the ticket for you and mention which pieces of information would come in handy for you.