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It’s my first Knime workflow. Currently I’m trying to execute a workflow without the Knime server.
Is it possible to refresh the file in the file reader node without having to enter the node, click on browse and update the file? files are being refreshed on a daily basis in our share folder, file name is the same every day.
for scheduling purposes I am using a bat file. it is working but it presents the same file every day. File reader node does not refresh (although I’m clicking “reset”).
What am I doing wrong?


I didn’t mention- it’s a .dat file

Hi @Sharon_c

that’s a huge first workflow, really cool!

However, I’ve never heard of a node not picking up changes in files when being reset/re-executed. Could you doublecheck that the file the reader node is pointing to is actually the file you are interested in (and not a copy somewhere else) and that the file is changing on your local filesystem (maybe e.g. OneDrive isn’t syncing changes)?

What happens if you add a new reader node pointing to the updated file? Does it also somehow read old values?

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Is the only problem the file reader and do you mean by changes that new columns are added to the file every day? If so try the csv reader instead.


Once I removed “read columns headers” check, data was refreshed… not the ideal solution but it solve the issue.

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That’s odd. Though I’m glad you managed to find a solution/workaround.
If you want, you can share an example workflow/setup to reproduce the issue, then I’ll have a closer look at it to see what causes that behavior.

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