regarding Regex operation in KNIME

Hello all, This below formula is in alteryx workflow.

if(REGEX_Match([CurrentField],’ (’,0)) then ‘string to display something’ elseif(REGEX_Match([CurrentField],‘a’,0)) then ‘another string to display’

Can you explain to me what the above function is trying to perform and how to achieve this in KNIME?

Hey @sandeepkumar, check out the documentation for the Row Splitter node on the KNIME Hub and let me know if it sounds like what you’re looking for. It should allow you to split data into two datasets based on regex match or non-match. You can then proceed to do anything you like with the split data such as adding a new field with a static value. It’s a bit more complicated if you have 3+ categories that the data will be bucketed into, but still possible via something like loops or the rule engine.

You could also simply search for “regex” on the KNIME Hub and see if any of the other workflows or nodes look like the solution you need.

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