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I have columns that are in the same format and I want to extract the same text from all of these columns, instead of using multiple regex extractors to do this, I’m willing to use one regex extractor and input multiple columns as we usually do in string manipulation(multiple) node. But I am stuck in inputting multiple columns, I tried this way, Can someone help me here? See my workflow.
Screenshot 2023-10-19 085730

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You could use the Column List Loop to cycle through the Regex Extractor and select the target column by flow variable. “Included” column names will be the columns you want to pass one by one through the Regex Extractor (and select by flow variable). “Excluded” will be the ones that are always in each iteration. You can filter to the target Column Name for each iteration by removing all “Excluded” column names.

You might even be able to skip flow variables all together if you use a Column Splitter first to separate your “Included” columns so the are the only ones looping through the Regex Extractor, then append the other columns back after you close the loop.


Thanks for the guide, it works.

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