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I am searching for corporations (GmbH) in the Name field. This string can appear at different positions in the string. Example: Hans GmbH; Hans GmbH & Co KG; HansGmbH; Hans GmbH für Dienstleistungen. I have tried it so far with (regex101: build, test, and debug regex). It seems to work there. But I can’t manage to get this regex into a Row Filter node in Knime. I always get an empty set as a result. It’s probably just a small error, but I can’t find the solution for Knime. Can anyone give me a hint?

Hey @TimTim36,

can you share your expression here? One thing that might be the issue is that you need to double \ characters since Java uses \ as an escape character itself and only one \ would not be recognized.
For example, if you use \s to recognize a whitespace character you would need to use \\s instead.


Hi, of course here is the statement:(GmbH)((?!&| &)(?! u.| Co))
and also my test group:
Hans Peter GmbH Maltermeisterei
Hans GmbH
Hans GmbH & Co. KG
Hans GmbH&CoKG
Hans GmbH & Co KG
Stefan GmbH Co KG
I am only looking for the match. Thanks for the help!!

Hi @TimTim36
I think you can also use this “wildcard” to do this:

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Thank you, that’s what I thought at first, but in the result I had all the GmbH & Co KG included.However, I am looking for corporations and not for partnerships. Therefore, I tried to limit my hits to the GmbHs via a negative quantity(?!&| &). However, I obviously cannot pass the syntax correctly.

@TimTim36 Did you try this:


I was a bit desperate but you made my day. Thank you very much. It works.
Best regards


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