RegEx (Split Data within string - 3 or more times)

Hi everyone,

I want a string data which contains three @ signs. I want to split the data for each of the @ sign.

Actual Data:
@GA14 @NA-EastCoast @SC-BU-US

Desired Results
@GA14 (Column - 1)
@NA-EastCoast (Column - 2)
@SC-BU-US (Column - 3)

Can someone please help me in achieving this? Do we need to use RegEx in RegEx splitter node/String Replacer node? IF yes, what will exactly be RegEx code for this problem. I am using several RegEx but it was not supporting me at all.

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Hi @kaleemsial , you can use the Cell Splitter for this

Split by “@”

If you want to keep the @, I had some luck with the Regex Extractor node using the expression (@.*?)(?=\ |$)


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