Regex troubles - or wrong usage of node?

I am attempting to filter a table using Row Splitter and Regex expressions, i.e. pattern matching (and ticking the regex box). But, the filters don't work as intended (meaning most dont' find anything). When I check with e.g. grep on command line or a program such as Notepad++ it does work as intended.

Somehow I feel I might be doing something wrong....

The regex expressions are from a published paper (filtering of chemical structures). I paste them here. I know there are other ways to filter such structures, but now it is more a question of regex usage for me.

Filter name Regular expression pattern Selection rule
Organic compounds [cC] Matching
Undefined substituents \* Non-matching
Isotopes \[[0-9]+[A-Za-z]+[-+@H0-9]*\] Non-matching
Elements: H, C, N, O, S, F, Cl, Br, or I (A|B[^r]|B$|C[aroudemfs]|D|E|F[em]|G|H[efgso]|I[rn]|[K-M]|N[aeibdo]|[PR]|S[irebgm]|se|[T-Z]) Non-matching
  \[[0-9]*(Sn|Sc|Np|Cn|Os)[-+H0-9]*\] Non-matching
Azo group N#N Non-matching
Carbocation/-anion \[[Cc][+-]\] Non-matching
Charged oxygen or sulfur atoms \[[OoSs][+]\] Non-matching
Disulphide bonds [Ss][Ss] Non-matching
Peroxide [Oo][Oo] Non-matching
Thiol [S][-H] Non-matching
Aliphatic long chains CCCCCCC Non-matching
> 1 alkyne C#C.*C#C Non-matching
> 5 Fluorine atoms F.*F.*F.*F.*F.*F Non-matching
> 3 Chlorine atoms Cl.*Cl.*Cl.*Cl Non-matching
> 1 Bromine atoms Br.*Br Non-matching
> 1 Iodine atoms I.*I Non-matching

These nodes you mention are for entire cell matching, not just partial string matching,  therefore you need to precede and succeed each expression with .*

so for example, organic compounds becomes;



hope that helps,


I would recommend the .*? pattern if it is also interesting where or how many times it matched (.*? vs .*). Though in this case it seems to be not necessary.


Thanks Simon.

Also thanks aborg, that's good to know, but yes, in this case it is not necessary.