Regexmatcher in Column Expression for variable

Hi all,

I’m trying to find rows that start with a specific word via regexmacher.
I am trying to use a specific word after receiving it as an flow variable, but it is not implemented well in Column Expression.

These are examples that I tried but failed.
if (regexMatcher(column(“Row0”), ^[variable(“start”)].* )== true){“start”}
if (regexMatcher(column(“Row0”), ^[variable(“End”)].*) == true){“end”}

var startdelimiter = variable(“start”);
var enddelimiter = variable(“End”);

if (regexMatcher(column(“Row0”), ^[${startdelimiter}$].* ) == true){true}
if (regexMatcher(column(“Row0”), ^[${enddelimiter}$].* ) == true){true}

It would be helpful if you give me some advice to get the expression to work.

Hello @jjlee,

have a look at this workflow and tell me if it works for you.

Have a nice day,


Hi , @lelloba

I added regular expressions to variables using Variable Expressions node.
It works for me. Thank you :smile:

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