Regression Analysis in Knime


I need to use knime for regression analysis. I am a python user, I know knime as well but not in deep!
I usually use statsmodel in python for regression analysis from here Linear Regression — statsmodels

However for solving regression problem as a machine learning problem I use sklearn regression model. Each of these packages in python has its own benefit deepened on your task, and also different view of output which is really important to address the problem in the right way.
Here is my question, does knime present any special package for statistical model? If I plan to do a regression analysis which nodes are recommended?

Many thanks for your help

for ML so sklearn related things you could use Linear Regression Learner and Predictor Nodes

Thanks for answer, but I was asking the relevant nodes similar to Linear Regression — statsmodels not sklearn!

Hi Zeinab,

I think KNIME examples can help you to find your desired answer.


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