Regression Tree model

Hi all,
I’m studying knime for academic purpuse. I searched on the net after realizing that in knime there wasn’t a regression tree module like in I-miner for exemple. So i’m asking you if there is a way to make a regression tree in knime without import an R script.

Every help is appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Hi Mitch,

We already have a node for creating regression trees, it is, however, not yet in the official release. So in principle, yes, it is possible :slight_smile: I cannot tell, when we will include it, it still needs some thorough testing.



You could always get users to help out from the community? Either formally through individual invitation or by posting beta nodes and possibly receiving feed.

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Hi Jay,

that is a very nice offer - however, the main reason for us not to release certain
nodes isn’t so much us worrying about the quality (correctness) of the code but
the quality of the documentation, user interface (dialog/view) and error handling.
So the community would pretty much tell us what we already know: this node
needs polishing up - and we are running short on time to do just that.

However, we’d be happy to have you take a crack at the Regression node.

Mitch: the Weka regression tree doesn’t help in the meantime?


Thanks for the help!
@ Berthold: For the regression tree in weka you mean using the RepTree Node (for exemple) for the learning and pruning phases and then the weka predictor for the prevision?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the idea. Similar to our models you need a model builder node
and then one for the actual prediction.


I’m also studying knime for academic purpose and found this thread about regression trees.
I would very appreciate a small status update regarding the release of the node.
Thank you!

Has regression tree module been included in V2.6? It has been over 3 years since the original post, it would be great if it is in the standard package!

Very much true. In fact, we are actively working on a regression tree learner and will have it in 2.7. The nodes are sponsored by one of our customers ... so the nodes have high priority. KNIME 2.6 already contains a set of "Tree Ensemble" nodes - they go into the same direction and are part of the same package. The rest (going from classification to regression) is part of the current contract work.