relative path in CSV writer


I am using relative path in CSV reader with no problem:

knime://knime.mountpoint/<path in workspace folder>


knime://knime.workflow/<path in workflow folder>

but CSV writer won´t read this relative path:

knime://knime.mountpoint/<path in workspace folder>

It is converted to:

C:\Users\<user folder>\knime:\knime.mountpoint\<path in workspace folder>

It is very important for me, because I am using two separate computers, so I need to use same relative path on each. Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.



2.11 will bring support for relative knime-URLs in all writer nodes.

Can't you use (as workaround) either a common directory such as

e.g. C:\knime_workfolder\

or, make a shared folder (network path) to the folder so it becomes


that is if you are using windows...


We have solution for relative path handling in CSV writer, XLS writer with Java Edit Variable node,

  • it is good(necessary) if you have separated folders for ”input” and ”output” files under the workflows and define these folders under the /srv/knime_server/
    • workflows/
      • input
      • output
  • so you define in a Java Edit Variable node a new Flow Variable („data_output”), which generates new java variable („out_data_output”)
  • and you have to set the value of the new Java Field:
    • out_data_output = "workflows/output/output_1.csv";
  • and the end of the workflow where you configure the writer node you have to set the ”use variable” check box with „data_output” flow variable, after this it should be working!
  • after deploying to the server you can run the workflow  (doesn’t matter if manually executed or scheduled).
  • Important information that your output files are generated to this folder:


it different from the original paths only this:

  • /srv/knime_server/ workflows/output/output_1.csv
  • /srv/knime_server/runtime/runtime_knime-rmi-50100/workflows/output/output_1.csv