Relative paths on KNIME Server

I’m reading an Excel file using a relative path:

…/Kunden Verwaltungsfile.xlsx

This works fine both locally and on KNIME Server. However, when I create a new folder called test and move the Excel there and try to read it like this:

…/test/Kunden Verwaltungsfile.xlsx

it work fine locally, but on the KNIME Server it does not work ("Excel Reader (XLS) 6:1 - ERROR: Execute failed: /AdminPz/test/Kunden Verwaltungsfile.xlsx).

Shouldn’t I be able to access a subfolder that is on the same level as my workflow folder?

@christoffer_swanstroem, I wonder if this is a similar situation to the problem raised here, although it concerns different nodes. I don’t have a server so I can’t test out any ideas, but this thread may be of interest, especially if you need a quick workaround.