Relevel Function in Knime

Hi There,



I have a dummy variable with category of "20-25","26-30","31-35","36-40" and "41-45" in Knime and I want to do a regression for that using a "31-35" as my reference level. I used R snippet to relelvel it but when I connect it to the 'Linear Regression Learner" node it won't recognize my relevel. Any one knows a relelvel node in Knime?


Thanks in advance.

Hi John, 

The is no way to do this directly in the linear regression node, but you can create the dummy variable very easily in KNIME using the one to many node.  See attached for screenshots of how I would configure such a regression. The trick is to remove the dummy variable for your reference column from the list of predictors. See the link below for more details on dummy variable creation.