Remote access of BIRT report

Is it possible to remotely access the generated report. preferably in web-viewer or html? If so, how can I export it?


Hi @Chandu6 -

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. When you say “remotely access” the report, what do you mean?

As it is, BIRT supports quite a few export formats, but the most reliable are the default web viewer, Powerpoint (PPTX), and PDF.

Hi @ScottF

I want to share the reports with my colleagues. how can I achieve it without losing the interactivity of the report?

Hi @Chandu6

yes this is possible (and actually a lot more) with the KNIME Webportal which is part of our KNIME Servers. You can find all information about the functionalities here:

If you are interested just contact us and we give you a demo.

Best wishes, Iris