Remote file chooser node

I'm a KNIME newbie and I'm trying to do something simple: I want to select a couple of file paths on a remote server, get their full path names, and pass them to a remote R node (via flow variables) so that RServe can execute a script using the path names as arguments. I have done a search and the KNIME changelogs talk about a remote file chooser, but I cannot find such a node.  Does anyone know where one is?  I know the functionality is basically there if I connect SSH and Download nodes, but I really don't want to do the download.  Thanks in advance.

The remote file chooser is not a node. It is only the dialog that is for instance used in the download node to select a file or folder on the server. There currently is no node to list the content of a remote directory, but it will come.

I have a workaround workflow that hopefully does the trick for you. You have to put your connection information into the java snippet node manually.