Removal of digit & Matching Column

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I am facing following issue, just need your help to resolve the same

Input data

Table-1 Table-2
Sales invoice no Sales invoice no
999 0999
897 00897
9879 0009879


Remove the “0” from Table-2 Sales invoice no.& match with Table-1 Sales Invoice no -(Here I am using cell splitter but it seperate original number also for ex. in 00897 i am applying cell splitter to remove “00”(two zeros) it automatically takes “09” out from 0999 which is incorrect because in next step we have to match sales invoice no of table-2 with sales invoice no of Table-1)

My issue is I just want to remove 0 from Table-2 Sales invoice no so that I can compare it with Table-1 Sales invoice no.

Please guide me for same.

you can use a String Manipulation node with the expression regexReplace($column$, "0*([0-9]+)", "$1") to remove leading zeros.
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