Remove all characters except numbers

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I am facing a problem while converting string to number. I have Few columns with numbers starting with inverted comma. Hence I want to remove all the characters other than numbers in the column and then apply string to column node.

Does anyone know how i could remove all characters except numbers from columns.

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You could use the ‚ÄúString Manipulation‚ÄĚ node with this expression:
regexReplace($column_name$, "[^0-9.]", "")
This expression will remove any characters other than numbers.



Thank you Armin, I forgot to mention dot(.) for decimals. Could you tell me how to modify this regex to include dot also.

Thanks again.!

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I have edited the expression in my first reply. (a dot is added to the character set)

Good luck

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Thank you so much, Armin. This is exactly i was looking for!

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