Remove Comas in numbers

Hello everyone,

I’m new on Knime and I’m facing a problem. I have number like this : 1,200. I need to delete the comma because it counts like 1,2 rather than 1 200. Do you have a solution?

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

Welcome to KNIME forum. Your situation is not clear enough. What source do you use to get data in KNIME? Anyway, you may need to load number as text or see discussion here


My data is already under the form of string when I load my excel file.
I work with internal source of datas in my company.
You can see below the screenshot of my file.

I just need to delete the commas…

Then use replace() function in String Manipulation or Column Expression nodes.


Hi there @PatFr,

What do you do with it then? Do you ever use String to Number node to convert them or?

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I can’t find the Column Expression nodes because I don’t have access to Knime Extensions. I can’t use the string manipulation because I need to convert all my datas once time (maybe by using a loop but I don’t know which one).
And finally, I didn’t try string to number node but I will do this soon and let you know.

Hi there,

how do you mean you don’t have access to KNIME Extensions? You are not allowed by your IT policy to install additional sw or? Just in case here is link on installing KNIME Extensions:

If those are numbers and you need to work (make calculations) with them then you should use String to Number node.


When I use the string to number node I have this error message : WARN String To Number 0:115 Values in 322126 cells could not be parsed, first error: ‘7,737’ (RowKey: Row1#0, Position: 0)

Try configuration like below


It works perfectly ! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


We had the same issues. You can use the String to Number or Round Double+String Replace nodes.
We experienced, that working with .csv files for input and output can help as well.

Last tip:
If you want to install Knime Extensions from your local files you can do it like this:

  1. Download the extensions package (ca. 5GB) that works for your Knime mayor release version. Unfortunately I found no way to do it for single extensions.
  2. Add the downloaded archive via Preferences>Available Software Sites. Unmark the other sites
  3. Now it should work as expected when selecting File>Install KNIME Extensions…

Thank you Lahoma !!!

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